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Atacama Cloze Test

Atacama Newsletter Lesson - Cloze Test

This Spanish cloze activity will help you test your knowledge of the vocabulary words from this unit. The instructions for the cloze activity are simple: just drag the words on the right over to the correct position on the left.

Esta actividad le puedo ayudar a probar su conocimiento de vocabulario desde esta unidad. Las instrucciones son sencillas: agarra la palabra correcta en la derecha, y dejala encima de la palabra correcta en la izquierda.

? The Atacama desert is reported to be the #driest in the world. This leads to the next reason which is the spectacular scenery in the area. You can tour gigantic sand dunes in the #Valle de la Luna, other worldly #geysers , hot springs, a salt #lake , or wander around the little town itself, where you can check out one of the oldest mummies in the world: #Miss Chile.